Welcome to Pea Creek Trophy Club

Pea Creek Trophy Club


We actively manage our property thru out the year with supplemental feeding stations,
mineral licks, and food plots located thru out the property. Our lease is rich with
honeysuckle, black berries, plums, persimmons, and wild grapes. In addition to these
browseable plants we have an abundance of black oaks, white oaks and chestnuts.

In addition to the resource management, with the help from the landowner's and our
members we maintain current fire lanes and miles of trails that enable us to access
the property without disturbing the deer to a great extent. We have (2) areas that we
use as deer sanctuaries where the deer are protected from hunting pressure.


Our harvest rules are the same as the State Regulations for Barbour County. Barbour
County is the only county wide QDM in the state of Alabama and has been since
2007. This has led to a vast improvement in the number and quality of bucks that are
on our club and Barbour County. You may take a total of three (3) bucks per season
and each buck must have at least 3 tines with a 1 inch minimum on one side to be
legal. As a suggestion, but not a rule, we ask that all hunters use a progressive
scenario of attempting to harvest older, larger antlered bucks than any previous
harvested deer during the season. You may also harvest two (2) antlerless deer
during the season for a total of 5 deer.


Our club consists of 1400 contiguous acres of both private land owners and large
timber companies. The club has been in existence for over 20 years. The property
consists of hardwood ridges and wide bottoms, both young and mature pine
plantations, mixed hardwood/pine stands, beaver pond, thickets and open woods
We have 30 food plots that range from .25 acre to 3 acres. Each food plot has a
covered shooting house. We have over 20 club stands in addition to the enclosed
shooting houses situated thru out the property. All hunters have access to these
stands on a first come first served basis. We have a club map with a push pin
system. All hunting sites are within 1 /2 mile from the main camp area or within
a 1/4 mile from the county maintained roads. No vehicles are allowed, only
ATVs and golf carts.