The following rules and regulations were established for the benefit of Pea Creek Trophy Hunt Club, its members and land owners. The rules will be strictly enforced and it is our obligation as members to ensure these guidelines are honored. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations will result in the loss of membership, both annually and possibly permanently, with no monies being refunded.


The guiding principle of this club continues to be year round safe, family oriented trophy buck hunting.


First and foremost, respect for fellow members, landowners, the land, and for the game pursued.

  • All members must abide by local and state game laws.
  • Club membership will be open to all interested hunters with emphasis on hunters taking the whitetail deer.
  • The number of club members will be limited to preserve the hunting area and assure safety to the members.
  • All members’ dues are $1800 per person (subject to change) payable by each individual or head of household. The paid dues reserve the right of the individual and/or family to hunt in the club area of the Pea Creek Trophy Hunt Club for the specific year paid.
  • Only club member’s immediate family (consisting of children still in school or college with full time status and living with parents) may hunt on the club area without special payment for privileges.
  • Use only pre-established roads and paths to traverse the property.
  • All hunting will be on a first come basis. Members or guests may hunt any permanent/ladder stands erected on club property.
  • All deer carcasses will be removed from the skinning location the day of the hunt. Leaving remains throughout the day after a morning hunt or overnight after an evening hunt in discouraged.
  • No littering. Do not leave trash around in the field or around any stand location. Please remove all pee bottles from shooting stands.
  • Members and guests utilizing the clubhouse facility are expected to clean up after themselves. Trash should not pile up for an extended period of time and should be taken to the nearby drop location as soon as possible.
  • While at the clubhouse, members will park in an orderly fashion, not blocking the known thoroughfare around the clubhouse.
  • To ensure members are not disturbed while on a stand location, the hours from sunrise to 10AM and 3PM to sunset are deemed quiet hours. There hours are set aside for hunting, and all other activities during this timeframe should be limited. Any work outside these hours should be coordinated with the day’s hunters.
  • Any violations of the game laws require the hunter to report the violation to the proper authorities.
  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be consumed during active hunting.
  • Members in good standing will be responsible for assisting all new members in guiding and securing a safe hunting area during their first year of membership.
  • Workdays will be held throughout the hunting year. It is the responsibility of each member to attend these days or make other arrangements with the club President to assure needed work is completed.


Guest days will be from opening day through January 10 only. Allowed guests are expected to abide by all club rules. After January 10, only paid members, their wives and children under 18 y/o living at home and going to school full time are allowed.

  • There will be NO FREE DAYS for guest sponsored by a member(s).
  • All guests will pay $25 per day. During deer season each member will be allowed one guest per hunt with a limit of THREE (3) visits per guest. Harvesting of game by guests falls under the members quotas for size and number of game.
  • All visitors must sign a release form and visitor list before hunting. The release form will be at the camp along with a visitor’s list. Both forms must be signed. The release form only has to be signed one time, but the visitor list must be filled out for each day the visitor is on the reserve, whether they are hunting or just visiting.
  • Any abuse of the LEASE PROPERTY will be grounds for expulsion and termination of membership. Every effort will be made to protect the leaser’s rights and property.
  • Any hunter under the age of fifteen (15) must be in direct supervision of a member, sponsoring member or visiting adult.
  • All guest fees must be paid by sponsor member either day of hunt or next trip to camp.
  • Any deer harvested by a guest/family member will count for and/or against the sponsor member’s annual limit. An antlered deer taken by a guest will count as their sponsor member’s buck.
  • Bucks harvested by guests are counted as being killed by the member who invited the guest, and are included in the total for the membership. Members are held accountable for all fines incurred by their guests.
  • No guest will be allowed to hunt on club property without a sponsor member.
  • A guest may be invited to Turkey Hunt during turkey season, and must hunt with the sponsoring member.


During deer season, ATVs are not to be driven on club roads from 3:00PM until 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise until 10:00am.

ATVs are permitted on designated trails for the purpose of removing deer, tree stand placements, or travel to and from hunting areas.

Starting with the month of September, and throughout the hunting season, ATV usage should be kept to a minimum so that ATV traffic is not to blame for moving deer off the property.


Members are allowed a total of (3) stands, either ladder or climber stands.

No stands will be placed no closer than 300 yards from other members' stands.

All stands to be in place 2 weeks before general gun season. Moving stands will be limited to either before or after your intended hunt of that day only.

All permanent/ladder stands placed in the woods should be marked on the tag board and be available to all members and guests.Portable stands are the property of the owner and permission to use these stands is to be approved by owner.

All members are asked to put their push pins in the camp map so that all members will know which stands are occupied.

Respect for one another should be given when placing portable stands in woods.


Members who choose to do so are asked to place their camera no closer than 300 yards from other members' cameras. Again, to check or move your camera, do it either before or after your intended hunt of that day only.


  • Each member may harvest up to a maximum of 3 bucks according to Barber County rules. Bucks must be a minimum of 3 points on 1 side.
  • Member’s first buck will be according to Barber County rules. The members next two bucks will be a minimum of 15” inside spread or larger.
  • A qualifying point must be 1” or longer from all sides of the point. The ring test is not considered a valid measurement.
  • Any member harvesting a button/illegal buck will incur a $100.00 fine.
  • Any member harvesting a deer weighing less than 50 pounds will incur a $100.00 fine.
  • No more than two (2) antlerless deer may be harvested per each paying member for the entire hunting season including archery, gun season and muzzle loader season. A $100 fine will be imposed on any member for each antlerless deer harvested over two. This includes antlerless deer harvested by the member, guest or his dependents. Antlerless deer harvest is transferable from one member to another. A total of five (5) deer may be harvested during the entire deer season.
  • Be sure you know what you are shooting at. Better to shoot an old doe than a button buck. Be extremely careful in low light conditions.
  • Does should be harvested by December 31. Taking of does during the rut is discouraged.
  • If a member does not harvest his allowed doe prior to December 31, said member may harvest his doe during the last week of hunting season.
  • All fines are payable to the club treasurer within 7 days. Rule violation by a guest is the member’s responsibility. Guest violations are accruable to the member. The purpose of this rule is not money, but to maintain the Pea Creek Trophy Hunt Club’s objectives.


All gates and or cables will be locked at all times. The clubhouse gate may be left unlocked during times when members are still at the clubhouse.


All new members are on a trial membership for their first year. Their actions, conduct and attitude will determine future membership in the club.


Under no circumstances will there be any nails, screws or bolts driven into any tree located on the trophy section of the hunting lease, by order of the landlord.